About the Webmasters
Name: Loralie

Age: 24

Location: Minnesota

How I Found Out About Emerson Drive: I heard "Only God" and really loved the song, but never heard it on the radio. I later saw the video for "I Should Be Sleepng" on CMT and was hooked. I realized later the the same band sang both songs. After seeing them in concert, I became a bigger fan due to their great performances on stage and their down-to-earth attitude around their fans.

Why Did I Create The Site and join up with Joanne? I created it mainly to help me learn more about Emerson Drive. It was originally only supposed to be a few pages, but because I like doing sites...and because I was bored, it became a bigger site, and continues to be! Joanne and I decided to take our sites and combine from for a full history of Emerson Drive, starting with the 12 Gauge days. Hopefully you will find all the info you need right on this site.

Have I Seen Emerson Drive Live? I saw them for the first time on August 3rd, 2002 in Littlefork, MN. The haybales were an experience! I've seen them a few times since then in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee, Manitoba, Ontario & Saskatchewan.

Favorite Emerson Drive Member: I really don't have one--they are all (past and present members) very sweet and great guys to talk to, although I think one certain guy thinks I have a thing for him (and that's so not true, sorry, lol).

Favorite Emerson Drive Song: Changes all the time: "A Boy Becomes A Man," "Countrified Soul;" "I'll Die Trying," "Moments," "Only God," "Rescued," "What If," "Running on Back to You," "Lemonade," "Evidence," "Fall Into Me," "How Lucky I Am," "You're Like Coming Home," and "C'mon Let's Experience."

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, working on websites (I have a few of them), going to country music concerts, chatting online, watching kids, reading, listening to country music, watching movies, baking.

Favorite Actor/Actress:Tom Cruise/Julia Roberts/Jonathan Lipnicki/Ashley Judd/ Haley Joel Osment/Freddie Prinze, Jr./Brian Krause/Holly Marie Combs/Keira Knightley.

Favorite Movie: Almost anything w/Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts, "Pride & Prejudice," "The Wedding Date," "Steel Magnolias," "Where The Heart Is," "Just Like Heaven," "In Her Shoes," "She's All That," "Grease," "Footloose," "Dirty Dancing."

Favorite TV Shows: Charmed, ER, Will & Grace, Wildfire, Providence, Ugly Betty, 7th Heaven, Blue Collar TV, Jeff Foxworthy Show

Contact Me:
E-mail: loralie@kickmycountrifiedsoul.com
Contact Emerson Drive:
E-mail: tricia@emersondrive.com

Do I personally know Emerson Drive?
Although I have met the band members at many shows, I am just another fan and do not have any more contact with them than any of their other fans. I will attempt to answer as many of your questions on Emerson Drive (except for personal life questions -- girlfriends [which technically I don't know about because I don't pay attention to whose seeing whom], etc.) as I can, but I am not an expert on the band.

Name: Joanne

Age: 20 some. (Let's just say I'm old enough!)

Location: The Great White North (Canada)

Current Occupation:  Library Technician in training

How I Found Out About Emerson Drive: I went to school with the original members and have been one of their biggest fans ever since.

Why did I decide to close my site and join with Loralie? We both like the band and it's easier to have everything at one place instead of having a billion links here and there and everywhere when there are billion other sites out there! I have alot of the older material from when they were 12 Gauge and she has alot of the Emerson Drive stuff so why not combine the two!

Have I Seen Emerson Drive Live? Too many times to count now. Let's just say if they play my town in Canada I'm there even if it means sleep deprivation the next day. They don't come home enough not to miss them when they are here.

Favorite Emerson Drive Member: I don't kiss and tell. :o) You'll just have to figure it out.

Favorite Emerson Drive Song: All of them!

Hobbies: scrapbooking, spending the rest of my life surrounded by books

Favorite Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman

Favorite Movie: If I listed every single favorite movie, this page would be never ending so I'll just go with The Princess Bride.

Favorite TV Shows: Veronica Mars, Supernatural, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, 24, Prison Break and Heroes

Contact Me:
E-mail: joanne@kickmycountrifiedsoul.com
Contact Emerson Drive:
E-mail: tricia@emersondrive.com

Do I personally know Emerson Drive?
Yes but don't expect me to give you any information other than what is out there. I have an agreement with them not to discuss personal lives. This also includes phone numbers, personal addresses and anything else related to those matters. Besides, if I had them, do you think I'd really give them to a complete stranger?
This page was last updated on: March 26, 2007
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